Eric Naeseth

  • Full-stack software engineer: provisioning AWS resources, implementing backend services, building maintainable interfaces using React.
  • Seeking to help develop a meaningful product in an engaging, compassionate workplace.
  • JavaScript, Python, React, node.js, GraphQL, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Datadog, Linux

Trex Labs


  • Designed and developed Codelands, a programming environment for people without programming experience, rooted in UNIX philosophy and design.
  • Worked with my co-founder to architect and prototype several iterations of our concept.

The Groundwork

Software Engineer

  • Designed and built Pizza Planet, a transactional mailer internal service.
  • Solved early concurrency problems in other services by developing a library to bind Boto3 to Tornado's HTTP client.
  • Spearheaded an effort to develop a common platform for RESTful service design and implementation.


Software Engineer

  • Built the infrastructure for a Python 3 backend for an iOS app: provisioned servers, deployed an internal PyPI, designed and set up a rolling deployment system with safe rollbacks.
  • Built a system used to determine new customer needs using specific questions tailored to hundreds of categories: customer frontend, backend, and admin interface.
  • Championed an effort to develop a product process that gives product team members maximum agency, and coordinated and wrote the engineering team's proposal.
  • Built Prospect, an event tracking and funnel analytics service.
  • Designed and built an authentication/authorization system to let users sign on implicitly from notifiations yet still requiring a password later for sensitive operations.

Carleton College

BA, Computer Science

  • Group senior thesis: an intelligent music stand that uses a microphone to follow along with a piano player and automatically advance the sheet music.
  • Extensive non-CS work in theater (acting and directing) and English analysis and composition.